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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Best non-SF/F/H Genre NOT Written by a Cis Het White Guy (Nominations and Seconds Needed)

What is the best genre fiction (that isn't science fiction, horror, or fantasy) by a woman, POC, or member of the LGBTQIA+ community. We need your nominations and seconds!   

Have you ever found yourself wondering why your favorite book is not on one of my polls? ("How can you have this category and not have X?? It's brilliant!") Weeeelllllllllll, it's probably because you didn't nominate it. Or you didn't get your pal to throw you a second. All my polls are based 100% on reader nominations and votes.

We (barely) have enough books to run a poll, but if you want to see something get on this poll, the time is now to pop over to the original page (very important) and drop your nom. You can also find the rules there and any answers to questions about why this poll excludes certain authors.

I'm going to put up this reminder, and then I'm going to go enjoy a four day weekend with air that I can breathe. I won't even be online much until Saturday. (So no FB memes either.)  But next Wednesday, with a hundred more nominations or zero, this poll is happening.

Remember, go to the original page or it might not count. Not a comment here. Not FB. Not G+. Not Tumblr. A comment on the original page.

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