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Financial Pledge

Financial Pledge

When I was a member of an upper middle class polyamorous family, I could give away 10% of my income to local children's literacy charities and promise that another 10% would be poured back into the blog for improvements.

Oh those Halcyon Days. *wistful sigh*

Sadly, this has changed.

I will continue to donate to Oakland Literacy charities, but my donations are more discretionary, it's a lot less than it used to be, and it's not a set amount (even a percentage). These days I have rent, groceries, and utilities to pay. Not to mention that I technically classify as "freelance," so I always owe, and owe a LOT, when taxes roll around. The budget is pretty shoestring. My Patreon details how much and at what income levels I will begin to donate greater amounts of one-time donations and portions of my income donations to the same charity.

I'm afraid I had to stop posting my financials publicly. There have been some professional encouragements that I avoid this particular method of staying transparent. Some people will hold back a donation or a patronage if they think I make "enough," which would be fine if I were actually making a decent amount but those people don't really know the reality of the living costs in the SF/Bay Area––where I'm paying $1000 for my own place, and people's eyes bug straight out at how I managed to find such a good deal (even in a very sketchy neighborhood). Perhaps some day I can make for a very boring day on the part of some investigative journalist when they call up the library and/or ask me for my receipts.

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