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Monday, March 8, 2021

Book Recommendation Master List

All of these categories will come around every couple of years, so if you don't see a book you feel should really be on here, stay tuned, and eventually you'll get your chance to reshape these lists. Don't forget that each category has a link to the original page where you can go look at all the gushing reviews in the comments and check out the "UNSUNG HEROES" list (which are books that are maybe not "the best" but that don't get recommended enough and folks think everyone should know). 

Best Standalone Fantasy (Check out the conversation HERE)

The Night Circus, E. Morgenstern 
The Princess Bride, W. Goldman
War for the Oaks, E. Bull
Good Omens, N. Gaiman and T. Pratchett 
American Gods, N. Gaiman
Neverwhere, N. Gaiman 
The House in the Cerulean Sea, T. J. Klune 
The Once and Future Witches, A. E. Harrow 
Poison, C. Wooding 
Un Lun Dun, C. Mieville 
Le morte d'Arthur, T. Mallory 
Tailchaser's Song, T. Williams 
Kindred, O. Butler 
Dragon Pearl, Y. H. Lee 

Undersung Heroes 
Shades of Grey, J. Fforde 
Afterworlds, S. Westerfeld 
Glasgow Fairytale, A. D. McIver
Fire and Hemlock, D. W. Jones

Best YA Science Fiction (Check out the conversation  HERE)

Machine - E. Bear
Thunder and Lightning (series) - J. Varley
Dingilliad (series) - D. Gerrold
Succession (split into two volumes by the publisher) - S. Westerfield
Karen Memory - E. Bear
Matthew Looney and the Space Pirates (series) - Jr. J. Beatty
Have Spacesuit, Will Travel - R. A. Heinlein
Raybearer - J. Ifueko
Animorphs - K. A. Applegate 

Undersung Heroes
Foundations - I. Asimov
Epic - C. Kostick

Best Romance (Check out the conversation HERE

Best Romance (Book or Series) 
Parasol Protectorate series, G. Carriger 
When a Scot Ties a Knot, T. Dare 
Outlander, D. Gabaldon 
These Old Shades, G Heyer, 
Reluctant Royals series, A. Cole 
Jane Eyre, C. Bronte 
Love Only Once, J. Lindsey 
The Dark Hunter series, S. Kenyon 
Psy/Changeling series, N. Singh 
Love in the Time of Cholera, G.G. Marquez
Cecile, F. Burney
Tairen Soul series, C.L. Wilson
Cut and Run series, A. Roux and Madeleine Urban
The Hating Game, S. Thorne
The Lion's Bride, C. Mason
Red, White, and Royal Blue, C. McQuinton
The House in the Cerulean Sea, T.J. Klune
Guild Hunter series, N. Singh
Sevenwaters series, J. Marillier
Pride and Prejudice, J. Austen
A Long Fatal Love Chase, L. M. Alcott
Wild, J Barnett
Sweet Valley series (attributed to F. Pascal, but written by a team of ghostwriters)
Spindle Cove,T. Dare
Castles Ever After, T. Dare
The Chesapeake Bay Series, N. Roberts

Undersung Heroes

Beautiful Creatures, K. Garcia and M. Stohl
Rise of the Iliri, A. Hadley

Best Standalone Modern Sci-Fi (Check out the conversation HERE)

Earth, D. Brin (2)
Snow Crash, N. Stephenson
Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand, S. R. Delany.
China Mountain Zhang, M. F. McHugh
House of the Scorpion, N. Farmer
Silently and Very Fast, C. M. Valente
Sudden, Broken, and Unexpected, S. Popkes
The Positronic Man, I. Asimov and R. Silverberg
Story of Your Life, T. Chiang

Undersung Heroes:

Six Wakes, M. Lafferty 
The Gone World, T. Sweterlitsch

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