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The Best of W.A.W.

The Very Best of 2019
The Buy-Me-Lunch Answer About My Sexuality
The MLK That White People Like (SJB)
Fuck This. See You Next Week
5 Reasons Your Submission Probably Ended Up In the Trash (And 5 It Was Rejected That Aren't Your Fault)  [Also Part 2]
24 Jackwads Who Show Up On Every Post About How to Write Something Oft Problematically Portrayed
Types of Editing (Basics)
I've Seen The Preview: I Don't Need to Hear Your Shitty Argument
I've Lost That Loving Feeling! 15 Ways to Spice Up Your Writing (Mailbox)
Writing In Grief

2019's Greatest Hits By Month

The Very Best of 2018
Actual Protip: Don't Do This
Words Fucking Matter
The Buy-Me-Lunch Answer About My Gender 
"Why Didn't You Report It At The Time?"
Won't Someone Think of the Straight White Males (Mailbox)
Duck Shaped Bigotry 
Narrative Distance 
Ten Flavors of Gamergate Fail
Fake Geek Girl: Misogyny not Elitism
15 Things Dungeons and Dragons Taught Me About How to Write (Part 1)

2018's Greatest Hits By Month

The Very Best of 2017
Don't Let Them Change the Story: The Narrative of the Mentally Ill "Lone Wolf"
The Narrative of Normalization
The Return of a "Dark" History (A Literary Review of Thor: Ragnarok)
Social Justice Bard and the Tale of the Nazi Sympathizers
Joss Whedon and the Art Artist Divide
An Old Friend is Sick
Saying Goodbye
Social Justice Bard and the Tale of the Liberals Whose Fault it Is
Social Justice Bard and The Status Quo Defenders ("SQiDs")
Peak Orangosity

Honorable Mention- I wrote several posts this year which definitely have the numbers to place in the top ten (including at #1), but they are sort of more business/admin posts and have done so well, in part, because I repost them so frequently on W.A.W.'s Facebook page.
Facebook Commenting Policy
W.A.W.'s Facebook Page FAQ
Beta Reader Introductions Guidelines Post
Facebook Page Work Sharing Guidelines

2017's Greatest Hits By Month

The Very Best of 2016
On "Crappy" Social Justice Teachers
Trust the Police?
Four Things Your Editor May Not Tell You (But You Should Know) By Bethany Brengan
Six Ways to Not Actually Write
Privilege of Daily Writing and the Ableism of Prescribing It  Part 2
10 Reasons to Write Daily–Accentuate The Positive
Where to Submit Your Short Pieces and (Hopefully, Eventually) Get Published (Bethany Brengan)
SJB on Guns and Mental Illness and the Stories We Tell
Don't Make it so Damned Hard
Three Stories from the Train

2016's Greatest Hits By Month




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