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Friday, October 13, 2017

The Renown Margin

[Note: Everything in brackets will disappear in a few weeks.

I'm trying to come up with little posts I can write while the smoke is still blowing down here from the north bay. As bad as the air quality is, I am still very fortunate. I can ameliorate the worst of the coughing and sore throat by staying inside (which isn't my favorite, but dry hacking is worse than being cooped up), but my eyes are also burning and I can't read or write for very long without getting a headache.

Today I thought I'd put together the menu for my latest "segment" here at writing about writing.]

I am not famous.

But I do have a following that is growing, a public persona that some people recognize, I run into strangers who know who I am, and have attracted enough attention that not every interaction is free of awkwardness and sometimes discomfort. Millions of people have read my work, and at the edges of my pedestrian perception of the world the edges have begun to crinkle toward something

This blog was always meant to be educational on the surface and the meta level, both in being writing about writing as well as a real-time disclosure of what I find that works (listicles like woah), what I find doesn't (posting college essays), and what deals are strangely Faustian (hello Facebook). You see the excruciating glacial progress. No overnight success stories here. If I start to carve out something, you will see how it took me years of writing every day to get there. You will watch me improve from old articles to new. You will see my career as it happens.

And now the first glimmers of something like fame are included in that career. So here are the articles about that.

Groupie Threesome Jokes and other Problematica (Mailbox)

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  1. I had an interesting experience along these lines, myself. Someone in a grocery store came up to me and said, "I know you - you are that singer..". It was unsettling. Very weird feeling. Best Wishes, Mr. Brecheen..wear this well. I thank you for the work, it has thus far been very good for me. (Keep the threesome style, it suits you. Ha.)