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2013 Most Loved by Month

Seven Ways You Can REALLY Help a Blog Succeed That Don't Cost a Dime
It's Really Okay Not to Write.  Really.  Part II.
Creative Writing Terms Beginning With the Letter L

The Worst Writing Advice Ever  Hate to give props to our renegade blogger, but numbers don't lie.
Writing Prompt: First Sentences The most important sentence in a story should be the hardest to write.
Misunderstood Shark is Misunderstood A trope defying character sometimes has a tough road

The Mailbox: Recant. Reflect. Refine.  The follow up to the prior link.  Largely due to the comments.
Disneyland--A Reading Photoblog  Pictures of me and a Dresden novel from ALL over Disneyland.
The Look Original Fiction by Chris Brecheen (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5--also internal links)

The Mailbox: Just how much do you make?  How much does W.A.W. really earn?
The Mailbox: My friends like my writing.  Why can't I make money.  Making money from writing.
The worst of humanity sucks, but we're better than them. A response to the Boston atrocity.

The Mailbox: You Don't Really Have to Write Every Day!  Many say it's not a big deal.
The Mailbox: Should I Outline My Book?  There are some pretty good reasons for yes and no.
A Demon's Rubicon Part 1  The first part of some creative non-fiction about my childhood.

The Mailbox: Revision Land How do I go about my revision process?
10 Words Writers Need to Learn to Use "Correctly" Because the gatekeepers care, that's why.
Prose Rhythm The best kind of writing is when the prose mirrors its subject.  Find out how...

The Mailbox: Persona Why do I wrote through the eyes of this total perv?
Good News, Other, More Different Good News, And Bad News Rare that a "plot post" gets traffic....
Milestones: 400,000 and I Can't Thank You Enough "Creepy Guy" kind of broke everything....

The Worst (Best) Advice About How to Be a Famous Writer The evil hacker blogger strikes again.
Mailbox: Help I'm Addicted to Writing It didn't make "the best of the mailbox" but it was pretty good for August
Meet Indem Niffy and some Wild Numbers My muse has a companion now!

Personalish Update: A Writer's Time A baby shower for my roommate leads to some tough decisions.
Fifteen Things Not to Do to Writers (Unless You Want Them to Hate You) Part 2, Part 3
Mailbox: Bits and Pieces Several shorter questions that have accumulated over time.

An Introvert's Birthday (Desptite snippy articles to the contrary, few get what "introvert" means.)
A Daily Dose of Demon Dueling (My life long struggles against the shadow of depression.)
The Mailbox: How Am I About Writing Every Day?  (What happens when the tables are turned?)

A Demon's Rubicon (Part 3 was the one that did the best this month)  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Seven Bits of Advice to Get You Through Week Two of NaNoWriMo
The Mailbox: Traditional Vs. Digital Publishing

Why I Left Islam One of my Facebook followers from Egypt noticed that I was once Muslim...
Enter The Contrarian One of the reasons the end of 2013 got a little light on content.
The Mailbox: Is My Story Done It's a tough question to answer, but here are some tips.

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