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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First post

This is the first post. It is basically no more than a test.

I'm going to hit "Publish Post" now, and see if I blow up the Internet.

ETA: The internet survived.  I must try harder.

Further ETA: 

On several social media when I share posts, I share whatever post I'm writing for that day, and one "rerun." I don't share every tiny post I ever make, but I filter through more than just the best of W.A.W. too.

At one post a day, eventually my reruns catch up to where I am currently. It takes longer each time (for reasons a moment's thought should make apparent) but eventually I will always get to the point where I feel like, "Man I JUST posted this."

And that's when I go back to the beginning of Writing About Writing--2012.

Remember that this blog isn't just a collection of articles on writing advice. It also exists as a living, breathing "real-time" template. It's advice in deed as well as in word. It can give writers a realistic sense of everything from how much effort it takes to launch a full fledged writing career, to how their audience can improve over time, to how they can improve the quality of their prose with daily practice, to how much they can expect to make, to how difficult it can be for a working writer to grind out the time and energy some days, and working the ball down the field is much more important than the hail Mary.

So as we return back to the earliest posts of the blog, a careful reader will notice how the writing quality is lower than what I write currently. They will notice I make less than a penny a day rather than a few dollars a day. They will notice I'm excited about a few hundred page views instead of a couple of thousand. There are lessons here beyond the ostensible. A deeper level of writing about writing (about writing).


  1. If you do what you love doing, you never really have to work a day in your life....

    Oh wait, that's now a darn camera commercial theme!

    1. Everything will be a commercial theme eventually. Some of the sixties radicals are quoted in Apple commercials. If they thought "Fuck Toyota" would sell ten more Toyotas, it would become the slogan.