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Friday, March 3, 2017

Worst Page Turner (Poll Results Semifinal 1)

Well since yesterday's post was supposed to be a light and easy Thursday post, but turned into a 2000 word article on social justice within linguistics. So today, I'm going to just put up poll stuff, and maybe get you a light and fluffy question this weekend. I have other writing that I didn't do yesterday, guest bloggers to respond to, plus a mid afternoon plan, and I'm hoping to see The Contrarian tonight for some bro time before I won't for over a week.

Text results below.

I'm not sure if the titles below Eat Pray Love were deemed to be not irresistable and page-turner enough or if they were actually considered too good for this poll, but either way, they won't be going on to the final round.

Stay tuned. I'll be putting up our second semifinal round later today.

Twilight-S. Meyer 107 34.85%
Divergent Series- V. Roth 47 15.31%
Sookie Stackhouse Series- C. Harris 46 14.98%
The Fault in Our Stars-J. Green 30 9.77%
Eat Pray Love-E. Gilbert 23 7.49%
The Mortal Instruments-C.Clare 23 7.49%
Left Behind—T. LaHaye 22 7.17%
Bridges of Madison County-R.J. Waller 9 2.93%


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  2. I still get primordial joy whenever I see others who agree that the Twilight and Divergent series aren't that good. Everyone around me is so swept up in these series that I feel like a tree caught in a hurricane of bad taste. The Fault in Our Stars is another good example. I'm not a huge fan of Shakespeare, but he did say something profound that tickles my innards whenever it comes to mind:

    "The fault lies not in our stars, dear Brutus, but in ourselves."

    Damn, Shakespeare, you need a mic to drop.

    But despite the massive hoarding waves of Twilight and Divergent fans ready to crucify anyone who dares slander their brilliant literature favorites, polls like this reveal the silent majority who knows overrated trends when they see them.