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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Quickie on the Fly

Just reruns on FB and Tumblr today. This post is for folks who don't get updates through social media. I just got CLOBBERED by some extra work today. (Clients were off by a day on payroll, so suddenly I'm starting early, staying late, working overnight, and split shifts to help out on the kid wrangling end.) I'll be here tomorrow late (also first thing in the morning, but at least with a break in between). I might at least get Friday off

I also just want to make sure people know even though I'm not blogging, I am always writing. When there's a lot of news, I tend to get my attention and focus pulled from hours of some funny listicle. Anyway, I've been kind of hitting them out of the park on My Facebook Page (at least according to the engagements). I'll get back to the blog as soon as I can (might not be until Friday at this rate), and they'll show up in the compilation posts I've been doing (and might even be reworked into NWAW posts), but if you can't wait.....

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