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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Best of Sept. and Oct. 2020

Just a quick reminder to my old timers and a point of order for anyone just tuning in that because of Covid-19, I'm being tapped for about three to five times the hours I want or need as a nanny (since I'm the only nanny whose pod is just me––I only see them and they only see me). These are special kids and this is a special job, so I can't/won't/don't just say "can't help ya" to my clients when they need me for lots of extra hours.

It cuts into the writing time pretty hard, though.

My current productivity means that I'm reliably only cranking out a couple of posts a week and twice a month, one of them is a compilation of things I've written on Facebook (also a temporary development during Covid). So for 2020, I'm only doing these "Best of" posts every TWO months instead of monthly. 

This one is from September and October.

Bottom of August Compilation

A collection of memes and rants from my public Facebook profile.

Sentence Structure (Mailbox)

How important is it to get sentence structure right these days?

Top of September Compilation

Another compilation made the best of for the two-month period.

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