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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Weekly Report Sept 12-16, 2022

If you're a patron, you got the newsletter last week, and if you're at a high enough tier, you got The Inside Scoop this week as well as some pictures from the selfie tier this weekend. There's also an early access post coming as well. However, I've almost caught up on the patreon reward tiers, and there should be some regular posts starting to show up by the end of the week. (Finally!) 

Quick Personal/Health Update-  

I'm sick today. 

I'm not sure if it's the new Omicron Covid booster or if I picked up a bug that the little one brought home, but I've been run down, having chills, and most recently coughing. 

I continue to improve mentally and emotionally, but most weeks have at least a couple of setbacks. (Tuesday night was one, and I had to cancel several plans today due to illness, and that really took the wind out of my sails.) It doesn't take much for anxiety to get the best of me at night. I can keep myself regulated and function during the day, but when the slightest spike of anxiety will jolt me awake until I've whack-a-moled it, it can often take hours (or meds) to fall asleep. 

Mostly, I'm doing much better though. A month ago I'd have two or three nights a week that were rough, and two months ago, it was more like half the time. My mental health has almost caught up to where my physical health and recovery was back in April or so. That is to say that I can almost compare where I currently am mentally and emotionally with pre-cancer/pre-surgery. Concentration and focus are not quite back to where they were last summer, but they have improved to the point that now I can reliably sit down and write for an hour or two—and I can do that a couple of times a day (although I do need a rest in between). 

Weekly Schedule Adjustments-

I've almost caught up on the Patron's reward tiers and bringing the Facebook page posting back up to its former glory. The later has really taken a lot more out of me than I expected, and is impacting the posting schedule more than I thought it would. Getting sick today threw me off schedule, and it's not just me sick—one of the kids is home too, which means a lot more of being on. I'm working on one last article to put up for my early access tier, and then I'm going to be getting back to a regular blog post schedule. I hoped that would be up by Friday (to go live the following Friday), but it's probably going to be the weekend.

Novel Progress-

Old Draft 38,305

I'm going to start the process of rewriting soon, and that'll mean starting over, but this is how much I had written before I decided to make a major change. Once I start over, the drafting word counts will be in each weekly report, so you can see my progress. 

Behind the Scenes-

Something really big is in the works. The Inside Scoop folks already know that I'm starting to work on something very different and spread out into other projects. You should start seeing the beginning of that stuff poking out soon. But before I get going, I still have an early access post to write. 

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