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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Asimov or LeGuin: Best Classic Science Fiction Author

Protip: When you take a screenshot, try not to capture the cursor.
Don't forget to vote in our poll for the best science fiction author.

Things are still pretty tight, but the tie for first place has been between LeGuin and Asimov all month long.  One will pull ahead and then the other.  Down in (what will be) third place, Wells and Bradbury are neck and neck as well.  Though really it's still early enough and close enough that any author could pull this one out.

Don't forget you get FIVE votes (5) but that for every vote you give you "dilute" the potency of the others since there isn't a ranking system.  Choose wisely.  

The poll itself is on the left hand sub menus at the bottom.

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