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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Rerun Day

Somebody fire the picture-finding intern.
Something a little different is going to start soon here at Writing About Writing.
We're going to start doing reruns on Sunday!  ~pulls out party poppers~ 

Yay! Reruns!  Reruns are the best! Reruns make me sexually aroused and–



Aw come on! 

Wait...don't run away just yet. There is a method to my madness.

Anyone following us on Twitter, G+, or Facebook knows that W.A.W. is no stranger to my posting reruns. Most days on those media, I post at least one rerun. "Reruns" is a bit of a misnomer. It's more like the best of the past. (But that doesn't rhyme with Sunday, so obviously it sucks.)  I don't put up old poll results or the monthly status reports or anything like that. I put up the articles that got good response when they first went up even if good response for the time was a few dozen hits instead of a few hundred.

So why bother doing reruns here--even if it's just on Sundays?

  1. There are hundreds of new subscribers (and one or two more each week) who never see old posts. Only the posts that are new for the day in question. It gives them the opportunity to see some of the best of the past. I can't deny them the exquisite ecstasy that long time fans have come to know and love.
  2. People often come to my blog, but don't look around at the old articles. This will put some of the classics back on the front page for a few days.
  3. Usually there is NOTHING here on Sundays. Only the fact that my blog is humping my leg to post on weekends so that we don't drop below 1000+ a day in May. This will give me a chance to post content without the time and pressure of writing a whole new entry. This helps me to get page views but remain irredeemably lazy.
  4. I currently spend a modest promotional budget on Stumbleupon, which only promotes the front page of W.A.W. This gives those who stop by something to see (and something of value to see) on Sundays. If you can call my old entries "value." (But then again they're free, so you get what you pay for.)
  5. Many of my old posts suffer from a horrible, debilitating case of being my old posts. (Being my posts is bad enough, but two years ago, it was an even worse condition.) I've learned a few tricks since then. Several of them need to be retooled into smaller chunks in keeping with internet attention spans. Many need to be rewritten. Some even have formatting errors from when I was still having trouble with the HTML tools. I like the ideas in these posts, but they need a fresh coat of paint.
If I change a post significantly, I'll put the old post in an "originals" menu of The Reliquary so that the old versions are always available to point and laugh at. I do like people being able to see the writing process warts and all, and that includes keeping even the shit that was truly, epically crap available for viewing so that people can say "Wow, you really DO get better from writing every day!" or "Wow, revision really IS important!"

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