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Thursday, May 28, 2015

General Mishka Valenz (F.F.O. LARP)

General Mishka Valenez 2125

All of humanity will now slip quietly into the night for the fact that I didn’t try harder to make them see. 

You tried. You really did bloody try.

You told them that the androids weren't going to roll over, but everyone wanted to believe in a clean sweep. When you lost contact with the first assault probes, you revised your threat assessment upwards even as your colleagues muttered about telemetry errors. When you first saw the shape of their defensive net, you saw the truth behind the design and knew it would stop every attack you could throw at it - but that didn’t stop the other generals from wasting life after life trying to break through. When the intelligence reports told you they had cracked Helium 3 fusion, and their tactics didn’t change, it was clear as crystal that they were building a superweapon. But your warning went unheeded; of course nothing androids launched from the lunar surface could breach the blockade, they said, and besides, androids didn’t possess “the imagination of destructive ambition.”

Oh yes they bloody well do.

Your ability to intuit your enemy is unparalleled. It is a combination of clear, logical thought but also your sense of what drives your enemy. When computer models all predicted a strike on the orbital shipyards, you somehow knew they would strike at United Nations (where humans practically told them to go back to the moon and die), and bolstered the defense of New York City, saving millions. You’ve spent your life using that ability to further your military career, never pushing too hard to change political policy even though this war bothers you. You've been promoted faster than any other soldier in the milita

Lately though, there's been this one…..hiccup. You’ve been dealing with the gnawing suspicion, but a few weeks ago it kept you up all night: the thought that the reason you understand androids SO WELL is because they are more like you than you think. How many thousands have you killed by telling yourself they were unfeeling machines. Yet your ability to intuit your enemies has never worked on logic. You can never beat the big AI systems that are all calculation and priority target based. Your thing is to sense motivations. Human motivations. How does it work on androids if....? Oh god, the war crimes you've committed.

And everything in your gut told you they were building a superweapon.

But damn it, this time you really did try. And you tried. And you tried. You told them that the Androids would listen if you stopped NOW. You appealed to their moral sense - that this was genocide, that it was WRONG. You tried to scare them, to convince them (as you were convinced by your every intuition) that backing the androids into a corner would just push them to use more extreme tactics. Instead they promoted Eren Hoist to the head of Earth forces instead of you–a person who told them what they wanted to hear about how victory was just a matter of a few more months of siege until the resources Androids needed from Earth ran out. You have been skillfully relegated to Eren’s second. A figurehead they listen to even less than before.

Now the androids have cracked off enough of the moon and sent it falling to Earth to wipe out humanity ten times over. What few humans might manage to use technology to survive the atmospheric burn and the plant life extinction will be no match for whatever invasion force comes down to finish you off. There might be a chance that a sliver of humanity survives if they beg for quarter and accept any armistice conditions. But General Hoist is convincing them to resist to the last believing a resistance can make total genocide too costly to pursue.

You’ve had enough. It’s a token gesture with the world about to end, but you have sent to the media proof of correspondence that the US wanted this war, hectored the EU into accepting it, overextended their "global authority," and blew off the predictions of a superweapon–that they have, in fact, mislead the public at every step of the way to gather support for what was always intended to be an Android genocide. It might get you executed for treason, but nothing really matters now.

But literally as you were trying to leave the building you were ordered to a meeting...

Mishka Skills and Contacts

Intuit Your Enemy: When it comes to your enemy, you just have a sense what they’re going to do next. While individual androids are free willed and harder to gauge than a military strategy or a battle tactic, an overall idea is possible even at the micro level. Once per scene--if you spend ten consecutive minutes talking with someone you perceive as antagonistic to your goals-you may ask a player to tell you their Defining Characteristics (Strength and Weakness), their current goal and a rough outline of how they intend to get there. [Example= “I am not interested in peace. I want humans to win. I’m trying to get the religious leaders to militarize.]

Curse of Cassandra: You have an almost preternatural ability to predict when things are going to go very, very badly, and an incredible difficulty getting anyone to listen to you about it. Once per scene, before someone begins a course of action, you may ask an ST if you have a “bad feeling”. If things are about to go off the rails, the ST will tell you. However, if you warn anyone directly about your premonition they will dismiss you. [This will take some roleplaying on your part, but basically if you tell a player your direct bad premonition, you must confer to them out of character that they are also unable to believe you. Best to keep the bad vision to yourself but try to work towards avoiding it.]

Combat Savvy: In addition to normal combat training any soldier will have, you would also be capable in a fight with an android. This applies to everything from global scale combat maneuvers to small unit tactics to hand to hand combat. You have been trained in most android combat algorithms and have an uncanny ability to know when they’re going to break them. Once per scene you may undo any non surprise attack that lands on you or anyone around you. [However understand that within the scope of the LARP that androids are NOTORIOUSLY hard to really damage without weapons.]

Kai is a tragic case of a computer/A.I. engineer who thought they could become one, or something like that. You’ve been friends for many years.  Recently Kai has become lazy and moping; not at all like their usual selves. Perhaps Kai’s empathy toward the androids has them depressed, especially with circumstances as they are now.
Reese Domino is the assistant to the Press Secretary.  Recently you’ve gotten to know Reese quite well.  You can finish each other’s sentences and often say “great minds think alike” to each other. You may have lifted some of those documents of proof from Reese’s office.  You feel bad about that.
General Eren Hoist is a war mongering parrot, copying what everyone wanted to hear while waging a war to the very end.  You place a great deal of the blame of this apocalypse on Eren’s shoulders.
Imari Kothari may not like androids, but they are right there with you defending them.  You don’t know Imari closely, but you admire the work they do.

Defining Characteristics
Strength: Intuitive
Weakness: Ambitious


Looks like it’s going to be full scale hot war. No more of this cold business.

This peace summit has been a joke. Humans want to destroy their creations. They consider them a failed experiment and a lesser race that has gotten way too ungrateful for everything they’ve been “given.” They’ve basically been going through the motions, saying no to every concession while putting on airs actual diplomacy--the latter only so that the political will for the war remains strong.

The Androids literally capitulated to every demand, and humans just came up with a few more.

You’re not so sure a war with the androids is a good idea. In fact, you have one of your REALLY BAD FEELINGS™  about it. But no sense voicing your opinion. No one ever listens to you about the big stuff anyway. They just enjoy your uncanny tactical mind without realizing that it is also an uncanny strategic mind. Besides, a hot war is going to catapult your career. You will probably be Earth force commander inside five years if you keep doing what you do best.

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