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Thursday, August 18, 2016

July's Best

Despite the massive restructuring of an 11 year relationship, and moving out (along with the regularly scheduled busy-as-shit schedule of teaching summer school, househusbandry, and toddler wrangling), I still managed to have a couple of articles peak up through mediocrity like a crocus through the snow. They will go on to fame and fortune and a life of ease in our "Best of WAW" menu where they will be fed caviar by sculpted models of their preferred gender and never have to think of pedestrian things like scraping up page views again.

That is exactly how it works.

Kickstarter Results and Final Thoughts (Personal Update)
Our Kickstarter finished to unexpected success (and is probably the reason I'm not living on Top Ramen right now).

Your Post Here?
Sort of an odd post to find its way to our "best," but I just go where the numbers tell me. And they tell me that our call for more guest bloggers was a very popular post.

Quickie on the Fly (Personal Update)
A very short post during some of the most upheavaly of the upheavalness.

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