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Monday, July 25, 2016

Quickie on the Fly (Personal Update)

I do NOT drool.....I'm pretty sure.
Image description: Me...asleep. (Except I was totally not really asleep; just posing.)
Just a quick one today. We woke up to a car blocking our driveway and I might did need to tag in early since no one can actually drive away from here with child in tow (but everyone still has to go patrol).

This weekend, starting around Friday at noon, I worked 42 hours. I let you figure out the math on that one. So I'm a little tired. Exhausted really. (Is there a word bigger than exhausted? I'll coin one: ennerhaustevated. I'm ennerhastevated.) Needless to say, I could use one...last...spectacular flurry from the hands of Jazz.

And a nap.

So while I am almost giddy at the fact that I'm literally on the LAST DAY of summer-schedule-imposed writing limitations, I actually need to extend this bullshit by 24 more hours.

Then tomorrow, up will go the final round for the non-European fantasy poll, and I am working on some actually real content for Wednesday. (I told you this old baby could still fly.)

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  1. You are no good to anyone in a state of depletion. It is unfortunate that the universe doesn't care about such things. She just keeps the ass kickin' coming. Always testing how much we want it or need it; this life or the things we value that make up the bones of such things.