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Thursday, May 10, 2018

April's Best (2018)

The highest page-viewed, non-poll posts from last month that will go on to the halls of glory and renown in our Greatest Hits menu.  April was a struggle between schedule normalization and schedule chaotic-ification, but we managed to find some time to fight off the forces of distraction and get some good posts up. 

A Baker's Dozen Random Bits of Writing Advice I Wish Someone Had told ME. (And two that someone did.)
These random bits of advice don't fit neatly into a themed listicle, but they are things I really wish someone had told me.

Writing About Writing Staff Meeting
Seems the staff will have to actually start doing some work around here.

Writing Prompt: Short Term Goals
The most common problem writers have with goals is that they want to "make it" without having a clear sense of what "it" is. But the second most common problem is that they know the "end result" goals they want to achieve without any sense of the smaller step goals it'll take to get there.

Honorable Mention: Consider Your Writer Talent Build Carefully

This revision of a past post (that got enough views to be second place for April) is about being strategic about what kinds of writing you let yourself do just because any writing might help you improve.

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