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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Best Romance Book or Series [Nominations and Seconds Needed]

What is the best book (or series) in the Romance genre? Come join our conversation.

Remember there are no more polls. These days instead of a grudge match, we just have a conversation about some good books. ANY book can end up on our list with even as much as a single nomination. The only thing I do even remotely like "ranking" is to put the books in order by number of "seconds." 

I'm spending this week doing a lot of work behind the scenes for my Patrons. Newsletters, photoshoots, early access posts. I have something for a lot of the tiers. An admin day to get started on that was actually why there was no post yesterday. (I know. I know. No one but me was even paying attention.) You should start seeing the "payouts" soon if you're a patron.

But in the meantime, if you haven't already, please don't forget to pop over to the original page to drop that nomination, see what has been nominated, second (all) those you agree with, and brush up on the rules (there are a FEW after all). 

Keep in mind, as there have been some charming A/V media adaptations (and a few terrible ones), that this is a poll about BOOKS. If you loved the Outlander show, but feel the books read like Perils of Penelope, you should nominate something else. And PLEASE remember that since romance is a genre that does a lot of cross genre to nominate a ROMANCE genre book (or series), not a book in another genre that just has a strong romantic subplot. 

Again, please remember to go to the original page to drop your nomination (and familiarize yourself with the rules if you haven't yet). If you put it anywhere else (including a Facebook comment on this post) it will not be counted.

Thank you all for joining in our NOTpoll. I've really loved reading all your comments about the books you treasure and why.


  1. Too much assault in Outlander for me to count it a Romance book... :-/

  2. I feel the same way! It's disgusting, it's more of a horror story. It disturbs me that anyone would want to read explicit details of those crimes :(