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Friday, February 12, 2021

I Did A Podcast. Come Listen

For everyone who has wondered what my speaking voice sounds like.

A couple of weeks ago I joined the Dangersplosion gang to talk about writing, politics, and lube, and today the results of that have gone live. Plus I (totally inadvertently) said the most badass thing in the fifty episode history of Dangersplosion. 


It's a good thing this went live when it did. I needed something to toss up and what I had planned for today was not going well. My water heater started just dumping water under my apartment recently, and the entire ordeal has been a nightmare of waiting on the maintenance crews, moving boxes of my landlord's stuff out of the closet so they could access the crawlspace (and just having to work around them filling the living room), and being here while repairs were going on. Along with the usual Wed/Thur nanny schedule that packs an entire week's worth of hours into two days. It's not been easy on my writing schedule.

[Also a quick reminder: We take bank holidays off here at WAW because no one's really reading blogs anyway, so we will see you again on TUESDAY.]

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