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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Inside Scoop

In a few more weeks, as May's many respites begin to seep into my bones, I will once again be able to reliably do more than one thing a day on the writing front, but right now (after over a year of reaching further down than I knew my "further down" even went), it is almost all I can do to get up, get showered, and slog to my other job. 

After 14 months, it's as if my willpower has sat down in the mud and refused to a SINGLE step further without a hug and a day off. 

Which is just to say that I'm getting the Inside Scoop newsletter out to my patrons today and that's about as much as I'll be able to pull off with a nanny shift thrown in there. 

[And as a small note to folks who are contributing at the Newsletter level, during the pandemic, the Inside Scoop has cannibalized the regular newsletter every three months, so we'll be back in May. But the good news is, this is probably the last time that is going to happen!] 

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