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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Don't Forget Your Book Recommendations for BEST SF Stand Alone Book (That is Technically Part of a Series)

I've got to duck behind the scenes for a couple of days If I hurry I can get the May newsletter out less than a week late and break my pandemic-long streak of being over a week late on the newsletters. Plus, I have a written interview I agreed to give that I need to reply to (which of course I will link to when it gets posted and it will be like a dozen mailboxes at once). 

In the meantime I want to remind everyone of our current Book Recommendation Thread of Best Science Fiction book that could stand alone but is technically part of a series. 

(I'll be dropping that link directly on my various social media. I just wanted to make sure folks following the blog directly got the reminder as well as a heads up about what's going on for the next couple of days.)

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