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Monday, June 21, 2021

Meta Schedule Tetris

Quick reminder that I will be taking a vacation next week and there will be NO official blog entries (though I'll be working, so Patrons might see some stuff going on behind the scenes). Social media posting will also be sporadic and light, and everything you see go up in those places will be reruns.

I think because of the HEAVY nanny hours last week and the fact that I was QUITE ill for a couple of days and fell behind. PLUS I have a vacation coming up and a light week this week, so I can burn the engines a little hotter since not only do I not have a lot of nanny shifts, but I will also be able to relax once it's over. All that combined, we're going to go mix up my update schedule this week. Instead of taking Thursday off, I will POST on Thursday, but I need an extra day (today) to kind of do the things I normally would have done last week, but didn't get to because I was nannying about double my normal hours during the hours I wasn't sick.

And yeah, I know no one REALLY cares about this except me as long as I eventually post something. But it's important to me to keep showing you how gloriously messy the whole thing is. Working writers work hard (and a lot) but we are hardly machines. What comes out our productive output tube is less a "smooth pour" and more globs and drizzles and gushes and drips. 

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