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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Tuesday Report (Feb 1, 2022)

Note: I'm slowly easing back into writing as I recover from surgery (and a cancer diagnosis), still have a lot of doctor's appointments coming up (including possibly chemotherapy). My body is mostly recovered (I've even taken back up jogging and hope to do a marathon in a few months), but my mental and emotional recovery is taking a little longer, especially since there are a number of ongoing therapeutics.

Quick Personal Update-

I have a round of post-surgery follow ups, an iron infusion and a consultation with a hepatologist this week. The four year old is also out of preschool, which has about doubles my usual childcare hours. There's some personal stuff going on that I would probably be better able to deal with if I weren't on such a razors edge of stress in so many other places in my life. And I was going to take this week off (or last week—I'm not really sure which I would have picked) because I had company in town five days over the weekend. But I forgot to kind of announce that that was happening and as a crowdfunded writer, I don't like to just go silent running, so instead, I'm going to make a slight adjustment to the usual posts (see below).

Weekly Schedule Adjustments-

I'm moving completely off the regular schedule this week. Instead I'm going to focus on the admin stuff that gathers in need of periodic updates. A bunch of those tabs that go along the top of this blog page (in desktop mode) need to be updated every year or they go stale like Ritz without a twisty tie on the sleeve.

I was going to kind of spread those posts out (doing one each week), and I still will a lot of the ones that are left, but there are a few that just require a touch up here and there and maybe some updated info and then they're good to go. They will give me the perfect chance to get the low-key week I was thinking of when I imagined taking this week off, but will be SOMEthing that'll go up each day as well. Plus a lot of my readers are new, and don't go digging through every last tab and archive, so it's good to repost this stuff on the regular.

Novel Progress-

I'm getting pretty close to being able to fold in some novel writing, but it'll probably happen for the first time when the little one goes back to preschool. My time management is a bit of a house of cards at the moment. Technically everything fits, but a stiff breeze will knock it over. And there was a covid exposure in the pod on Sunday…

Behind the Scenes-

I'm hoping to restart the Newsletter this week. February's newsletter with January's news. 


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