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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth, W.A.W. Readers!

If you look really hard,
you can see our nations most
prominent phallic symbol
just next to some of the explosions.
Give it time.  It's like a magic eye picture.
You'll get it eventually.
Here at writing about writing most of the guest bloggers and staff are unionized, so I can't get them to do a lick of work on bank holidays without paying time and a half.  (Even Grendel in the cafeteria says that if we pay him less or in any way slight him or his mom, who works back in the kitchen, we'll regret it.  By all rights he was just a temp we hired when the last woman walked off the job, but he keeps telling us we won't like the retribution if we fire him, and he does work quickly so......)

Anyway the point is, there's no WAY I can pay time and a half when I'm making pennies a day.  So I gave everyone the day off, and even shut down the heater for the pool.

This is almost enough to get Grendel to glance across the room at his hair net.
Thus....please have a wonderful holiday and celebrate the declaration of several incredibly seditious malcontents who "hated their country" so much they went into open revolt and took a pot shot at every soldier they saw.  (And then maybe reconsider your decision to cut some friggen slack to the occupy movement for hanging out in parks and smelling like patchouli and weed as their form of dissent.)  But please do so blow up chunks of the nation you love so much, and not chunks of yourself, okay?

Or better yet, just go see a show because even if your fingers have no sense of self preservation, your fucking M-80's stress out every household pet in a three neighborhood radius and some of them even end up hurting themselves.


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