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Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Probably Should Have Seen This Coming

Yeah, that was dumb.

I brought Cathamel (my muse) home a companion from my Vegas trip.  I figured they would frolic and play and play "touch the orbs."  Apparently after they ran around scaring the crap out of the cats, and comparing the length and girth of their flame spouts, they then got busy doing the mythical dragon-nasty.  What a drag to discover your preoccupation with groupies might have more to do with the fact that your muse is a total horn-dog than anything.

I should have realized what kind of "companionship" Cath was talking about when she said she lacked the body to troll frat houses.

So now it seems like we will soon have a little dragonling running around.  Cath assures me that muses are immortal and neither die or are born, but sort of transfer from one artist to the next and take the most appropriate form, so it won't, strictly speaking, be a muse, but it may get some of her powers of inspiration.  Or it might just sit around the house and watch Jackass reruns and not get a job.

She's not sure.

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