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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Writer is Sick

Today's mailbox is going to be postponed (and not just until next week, when I'll be gone for Burning Man, but actually until two weeks from now).  I came down with something yesterday, and it has laid me out.  In the past 24 hours, I've slept about 20.  I'll spare you from using concrete imagery to catalogue my more colorful symptoms.

Let's just say they're making the awake four hours not so awesome.

I didn't even get to my morning writing or my fiction--never mind blog stuff.  And while I would normally make the effort to get a post up in the next day, I'm behind on housework too, and Burning Man, which is next week, takes some time to get ready for.

As a general reminder, however, if the tendency of Writing About Writing to skip posts in its schedule, put posts up late, to put up fluffier stuff, whenever I get sick, have things come up, or am getting into some fiction I'm writing, please consider the many ways you can give W.A.W. more direct support.  One of the reasons things can be a little flakey here sometimes is that I have two other jobs to pay the bills.  I may make a little bit of money from ads and donations, but W.A.W. sort of exists in a transition (like dawn or dusk) were it is more hobby and a lot less day job.  I would love to be able to get a few posts ahead of where I'm writing right now, clean up articles a little more before posting, put up more fiction, and generally give W.A.W. more of my time and effort.  So if you like what is here and want to see more of it, help us find a wider audience and make a few dollars.

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