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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Please Excuse Our Dust

After the epic, four-part Mailbox (and due to a combination of one of the crime fighters here at the Hall of Rectitude being outmaneuvered by a super-villain and having a rough night and a dental appointment today right in the middle of my workday), I'm taking a "big article" break until the end of this week (Friday's mailbox should be interesting though).  However, after the increase in traffic, I figured it was time to put in the time to get some of my tabs and pages cleaned up.  So if you see some cosmetic changes occurring over the next couple days, that's why.  (And any design input will be welcome.  Even though I may stick with something because I don't actually know HOW to make the change you suggest, I acknowledge that pretty much everyone else on Earth has a better eye for layout aesthetics than I do.)  It's been long overdue but with thousands of people stopping by every day, I'm feeling more self conscious about it.

Of course I will still be wrapping up round two of the Fantasy Poll tomorrow, so if you haven't voted, please take a moment to do so now!  (The poll is down on the lower left, below that pretentious author's bio.)

1 comment:

  1. I put in my vote for changing your colors from white-on-gray to something a little easier on the eyes.