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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February's Best (and junk)

So the articles this month that will be heading over into the 2014 section of The Best of W.A.W. are:

Question: Do You Really Have to Write Every Day to Be A Writer (F.A.Q.)

A Pound of Flesh

The Mailbox: Do I Have What it Takes?

If you haven't checked them out, they were quite popular and might be worth a look.

Generally, February was a good month right up until the end when I got sick.  Numbers weren't as impressive as January, even accounting for the three fewer days, but I did a review of all my "Greatest Hits" on my Facebook Page during January, and those posts did particularly well with all the new followers I have there.  (Over 10,000 now!!!  Holy CRAP!!!!) Now that I'm back to my regular rotation of reruns, I'm not picking up quite as much traffic from Facebook. Even so, I'm edging ever closer to a reliable thousand hits a day.

Then I'll be almost 30% of the way to a blog that pays as much as a day job!

(He exclaimed, his plastic smile wavering ever so slightly.)

If you turn it to the side, it kind of looks like Pinocchio
telling you how much money there is in blogging. 
In March, you can look forward to the conclusion of You Really Don't Have to Write. Really. I hope to be bringing another serving of Demon's Rubicon. Of course, as soon as we finish getting nominations for our Science Fiction Series of the 70s/80s/90s, that poll will go up. I am also planning on taking some time to write up a new Element of Craft, so that W.A.W. can try to be a bit more helpful between all the hideously amusing jokes. Plus, it might be a little ambitious, but I'm hoping to finally get at least one new entry into The Glossary. All that plus my usual shenanigans, and a showdown with the cheese guy!

So don't touch that dial!

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