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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weasel Day

This is basically my entire March.
It's Unsupportive Girlfriend's birthday (actually it's Supportive Girlfriend's birthday too, but I don't see her much this time of year). So today's entry--which would have been Thursday fluff anyway--is going to be cancelled.

Unless you consider this an entry. In which case, I'm fucking golden!

See, I have to do jazz hands for her, so I can hardly do it for you too. There's only so much jazz handing to go around. You don't want sloppy seconds jazz hands.

At least...I'm hoping you don't want sloppy seconds jazz hands.

You see, Unsupportive Girlfriend can be a bit of a weasel during her birthday month. (That's right, she gets a whole month.) She even calls it weasel month.

So I'm off to placate a weasel. I'll be back tomorrow to answer some pretty sizzling hate mail. (Gotta love this job.)


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