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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Searches that have led to Writing About Writing

Jazz Fingers
Hi there. I'm the head writer, Chris Brecheen. I know you were expecting a "meaty" article here since today is Monday, but...something happened yesterday, and I need an extra day to write it and it's totally not my fault even though I'm not blaming anyone else either and especially not Leela

Nope. Not her. I like it when she tells me she's going to get me an article and then doesn't.

So...um....today I'm going to share with you some of the searches on Google and Bing that have led readers to Writing About Writing.

As a blogger, you want to see searches that you hope make sense and get you to your site like these:

"MFA worth it"

"Prometheus terrible writing"

"Chris Brecheen awesome writer"

"why nanowrimo is bad"

"writing prompts"

"are creative writing programs worth it"

"Creepy Guy bart"

"prometheus dumb scientists"

"Shakespeare Forbidden Love"

"Scared Face"

Sometimes there are searches that are so broad, you're a little surprised that they could have caused someone to turn up on your doorstep:


"Feminist Writer Quotes"

"good writing"

"sfsu diploma"

"women are frustrating"

Of course there are searches that are just a little bit weird or a little bit funny, but still make sense:

"some writing"

"two books talking image"

"a picture of getting sick"

"writing every day not needed"

"hate the word normal quotes"

"groupie gif"

"fuck you grammar police"

"stuped shark"

And then theres the "What The ACTUAL Fuck" Category:

"sleazy blowj"

"tooth gif fuck pain"

"creepy man taking skirts off in stre"

"rassan hard cor porn sex vidieos"

"chick on moon gets gangbanged by robots"

"where writing goes to die"

"kung fu fight version rap"

"nanowrimo assclown fetish"

"chris brecheen felch fat dude"

"asshole shames poor guy on subway"

"white sores on lips"

"Prometheus snake dildo special order"

"blogs sexy muslim ass.com"

"i want to suck your dick louis qoutes"

"can I get herpes from a handshake"

"cut penis head off while reading"

"literally having sex with books"

"chicks love artists"

"how to write excuse chit"

"wipe my ass with my Masters degree"

"dildo dog"

"cockblocking fag on BART"

"giving a snow job to someone with herpes"

"literary sluts*"

"literary poon*"

"literary hos*"

*All in the same hour


  1. "Chick on moon gets gangbanged by robots" is the subject of your next short fic piece, right? I mean, it HAS to be!