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Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Reminder About The Tone of the Rebels

Remember when we all respectfully told England that we didn't like their taxes and could we please get some representation if it wasn't too much trouble? And we didn't do anything that wasn't taking the high ground or making our points in the most academic and non emotional manner. We never let incendiary rhetoric shut down "real communication." And the Brits listened and never had to tell us that we weren't doing ourselves any favors. They listened because we didn't ever let our more strident members be so militant or affect the discourse with their toxic rage. Our tone was always above reproach and England really respected that moral high ground as we debated it out through proper channels and with excellent diction and grammar. That's why the loyalists and the French stuck with us–because we never alienated our allies by being too angry. We certainly didn't destroy property or disrespect the law, the government, or those agents of England who were just doing their jobs. And in the end, England just LET us be self governing because we peacefully, rationally convinced them of the merits of our argument.

Today we are the United States and we celebrate our independence because we never hurt our own cause by going "too far."

Happy Fourth of July my ever respectably politicked America!!

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