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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Your Daily Dose of Awwwww

As you may or may not know, here at Writing About Writing, 10% of every penny we make goes straight into children's literacy charities. While I would love to do some major national charity and give them thousands, I'm a small time artist, I am mostly donating to local charities.

Well, the 2014 donation was to a specific class. An actual SPECIFIC class--Ms. Costell's to be exact. We donated through Oakland Reads, and actually picked one group of underprivileged students who were looking to get some quality readers.

And they wrote us back!! (Which really means they wrote YOU back.) At least a few of them did.

Yes, the kids got the name of the blog wrong, but who cares. If this doesn't melt the icy recesses of your cold hearts, your misanthropy knows bounds untouchable by cuteness.


Prepare yourselves for a HUGE fund raiser in the month of August. Cedric (our cephalopod office admin) is currently tasked with picking another such class of underprivileged young literacista to help. To celebrate "Blogust," Writing About Writing will be upping its usual 10% donation to 50%. That's right....HALF of everything you donate from Aug 1st to Aug 31st will go to a classroom project here in Oakland just like the one above. (Deets TBA, but if you want to donate early, just write "Blogust" in the notes section on the Paypal amounts.)

But wait....there's more.

We have a mysterious benefactor who has agreed to match what EVER Writing About Writing makes (up to $1000). That means that for thirty-one days, any donation you make to W.A.W. will basically be a donation of the same amount to our charity as well as a donation of half the amount to the blog.

I'll keep you posted (sometimes one mysterious benefactor begets others), and have an actual name of the actual charity we'll be helping by August.

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  1. A kid named Ismael loves the book about whales? How can you not love that?