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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Alert! (Post deluge imminent.)

If you've got Writing About Writing on some kind RSS feed or get updates, I just want to make sure you know that this weekend (tomorrow in particular) might be a little thick with updates as I take care of some business.

See those tabs that go across the top of the blog. (Home, Peeps, Business Stuff.....) Well those are really out of date and badly in need of a 2017 revamp. (Do take a moment to notice that if you want to make money writing, the business of writing is going to involve a lot of things that aren't actually blissfully clacking away.) That's going to be a chunk of my tomorrow, and may run into Monday.

The edits themselves won't create notifications, and I'm only going to place things I completely revamp into a social media share over the next few days. But anything I change more than a little (but not enough to make a whole post about), I will cut and paste into a new post to keep the most recent version on "top." And whereas I can "trickle out" the social media updates (maybe posting only one update a day and leaving several in a "queue") anything that generates a notification or RSS post the minute I hit "publish" might get a little inundated.

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  1. We trust you always have our best interest in mind. ;)