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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Worst Page Turner (Final Results)

I meant to post this yesterday afternoon, but I got a surprise and emergency couple of hours with The Contrarian. So instead I'm going to mix up the week a little and put up today's poll and April's nominations today since we're rapidly making an incursion here into "April Proper," and our guest post will go up tomorrow. Meanwhile I'm going to get to work on bringing you what I hope is a good end of the week.

I want to thank everyone who participated for helping us have one of our most popular polls ever. (568 votes!  That rates a full Keanu Reeves "Woah") From the nomination process through the quarter and semifinals this has been a rocking poll that generated a lot of interest.

Later on today April's poll topic will start accepting nominations. So start thinking along the lines of best Y.A. for young women...

Text results below

Twilight-S. Meyer 160 28.17%
50 Shades of Grey-E.L. James 114 20.07%
DaVinci Code-D. Brown 98 17.25%
Divergent Series- V. Roth 50 8.8%
Eragon- C.Paolini 43 7.57%
Sookie Stackhouse Series- C. Harris 38 6.69%
The Fault in Our Stars-J. Green 38 6.69%
Atlas Shrugged A. Rand 27 4.75%

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