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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Smoking Section

Quick update for anyone maybe wondering where I've gone off to. I'm still here, but I'm in the smoke plume of one of the current big California fires (roughly between Oakland and Antioch on this air quality map--that purple blob to the south means we're probably at the high end of red). I have some high sensitivity that really makes staring at a screen uncomfortable after only a few minutes. I've managed to get SOME work done, usually in the mornings, but an emergency tag in this morning with The Contrarian because of a closed school means I'm going to have to do some of my soft shoeing on our regular schedule.

Air quality is usually a little better in the early morning, so the current plan is for today's post to go up tomorrow, then the one I was going to do Thursday goes up on Friday and I'll push the Friday one to the weekend or early next week. But I will say now that this plan might not survive contact with the enemy terribad air quality.

And having heard some of the horror stories from folks I know who have lost everything, I'm absolutely one of the fortunate ones in this whole ordeal.

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