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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Happy 7th Birthday Writing About Writing!

Even though Blog is a little down this year, it's time for party poppers, cake, and Peter Gabriel's Big Time on a loop.

Writing About Writing is seven years old!

For seven years we've been shoehorning regular articles into listicles and telling you in every flavor we can whip up that it's probably good advice to write daily if you want to be a professional.

Through death, cancer, birth, unbelievable loss, and labor pains of a (very) modest writing career we have been blogging through it all and trying to bring you some nuggets of wisdom about writing––some we accumulated over a lifetime, some we picked up from a formal education, and some we're learning on the fly.

Blog is trying to keep a stiff upper lip. Bellwethers like patrons and income have had to take the place of raw numbers ever since Facebook decided to try to squeeze page admins by throttling pages from its algorithm yet again.

If you look REALLY, REEEEAAAAAALY close,
you can probably just make out where the subtle shift in FB's
algorithm started.

It's a bittersweet birthday, with none of Blog's goals even close to achieved. But I'm sure once the cake has settled and Big Time is on its fiftieth or so repeat, Blog will have some new goals that are not so dependent on one of the Evil Empires.

Blog: "Okay Chris, I've got it!  This year, we straight up double our income!"

Me: "Here we go....."

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