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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Best Horror Book (or series) Results

The results are in. Your nominations. Your votes. Your extra votes. Your leaning on your friends to vote votes. And thank you all so much for such a robust response this time around. Though I'm always a little like "yeah okay whatever...shockingly shocking" when Stephen King sweeps it, were even able to get a nice spread so that there wasn't a six way tie for third place or something.

Text results below
I will try to get these results put on our permanent results page (along with the undersung heroes) this weekend.

The Shining - S. King 55 23.91%
It - S. King 38 16.52%
The Haunting of Hill House - S. Jackson 35 15.22%
Pet Sematary - S. King 29 12.61%
House of Leaves - M. Z. Danielewski 25 10.87%
Drowning Deep - S. McGuire (writing as M. Grant) 21 9.13%
Southern Reach Trilogy - J. Vandermeer 16 6.96%
Heart Shaped Box - J. Hill 11 4.78%

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