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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Best Horror (Reminder to Vote)

What is the horror genre book (or series)? Come vote on our reader-generated poll. 

Hi folks! I'm back. The power is on. Writing...well the writing itself never stopped, but writing with a schedule and an agenda has resumed. Tomorrow we are off as usual for Wednesday (though if things go swimmingly, I'd love to get something posted on NOT Writing About Writing), Thursday and Friday should basically be business as usual. Next week I'm aiming for "inspired." Thank you to everyone who sent me words of compassion through my wargable table flip.

Only two weeks and two days remain in our best horror poll. Results go up on Halloween. I'm sorry I have to remind everyone so aggressively on these polls, but ever since Facebook fucked Page admins as a cash grab throttled the content of pages I have to do twice as many "Come on, folks!" to get half the response.

Everyone will get three (3) votes. Use them....wisely.

The poll itself is on the bottom left of the side menus, below the "About the Author."


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  2. It's not currently clickable - has the poll closed?

    1. It's definitely still open, and I checked its settings and whether I could vote and it looks okay. Did someone from your IP address already vote this week? I know that's how the poll tries to prevent "ballot stuffing."