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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Meta/Personal Update, October 2019's Best, and a Reminder

Hi everyone,

Greetings from the beginning of the Really-Rough-Time-Of-Year zone. This would normally be a post I would send only to my Patrons since they keep the lights on around here, but since I was doing jazz hands anyway, I decided to throw in some meta and whip up a casserole of post topics.

Not only am I heading into a period of chaotic scheduling, demanding loved ones, and overwhelming commitments, but PG&E tells me they're going to be shutting off my power again, company is coming tomorrow, and I'm not the brightest star in the firmament to begin with this time of year.

I'm still working to bring you at least the the two good posts a week, but it's a rough time for reasons both pragmatic and existential. If I fail on a post in the next six weeks, please don't think less of me.

Good news on that whole "Busy As Fuck" front though. I was basically screaming-while-working-50-hours during this entire semester with the presumption that my Nanny hours would be cut in January and leave me with barely enough to get by. I've learned that because the baby didn't get into preschool for Spring, my current schedule is good for another almost year. Which, while great for my pocketbook, was entirely too much for my writing schedule to withstand. I've also taken some steps to make sure that my nanny schedule gets a little easier as soon as December, and I'm working with my clients to try to shave a few more hours here and there so that "on paper" and "in praxis" have a bigger area of overlap.

I wasn't going to make it for another eight months, so I decided to get to work making my schedule more long-term tenable right away.

I also want to let everyone know that it looks like PG&E is going to be shutting off our power again this week. We still haven't gotten any rain, and even though it's a bit colder, fire season drags on. So when the winds kick up the grid goes down. As always, I will do my best to bring you all the smoking hot content you've come to expect.

So without further ado, here are the posts for October that will go on to fame and fortune in our Greatest Hits menu

Fuck This! See You Next Week/ Emergency Post

One of the best performing posts of this YEAR, nevermind last month, was simply my frustrated moment of realizing that I had to kick my update schedule to the curb while the fires were happening. I wrote it instead of a post, flipped off a second post that I was supposed to write the next day and went to Disneyland (albiet for a working vacation) instead.

Similarly the second best post from October was a warning that the fires and smoke were coming and that historically meant I would probably lose some posts along the way. I'm combining them so that not everything in the "best" posts is quite so meta.

11 Reasons Fame Probably Doesn't Look Like You Think It Does/ Part 2

If you've got this idea that fame means you're swimming in friendships and hot dates, it might surprise you to know that the opposite tends to be true.

Part 2 also would have made the grade for one of the month's best, but I decided to combine it. (Also this post has its third and final part written now.)

What To Do With That First Novel

So you've finished your first novel.

What do you do with it?

Honorable Mention: Hi Everyone

Our appeals post almost never does well enough to be in the month's best, but this month it would have been #2. So if you're a writer hoping to crowdfund your career, you might want to take a look at what makes for a good appeals post.

LASTLY (but not leastly)....

Go nominate Best Modern Science Fiction books (or series).  Be sure and read the rules (because we're getting a lot of nominations that are after 2000) if you haven't already. But if you've got a fucking book you want to see on the poll, nominate that shit! But in the name of Zues's butthole, please go to the original page. I can't deal with nominations all over the damned blogoverse.

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