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Friday, September 11, 2020

Best Contemporary Fantasy!

Text results below.

Best contemporary fantasy book (or series)? The results are in!

We're still dealing with air so bad that even with an air purifier cranked to max in the same room, staring at a screen for too long causes burning eyes and headaches, so for today, I'm just going to post poll results and keep my everything crossed that we get some tiny kind of wind or relief or something over the weekend so that I can start writing again. Otherwise, I'm going to have to buy four additional air purifiers per room or something. 

I was really sorry to see Jemisin do so poorly, but the competition for this one was stiff. Only some real power houses got through the nominations and the semi-finals. And thank you to SO. MANY. PEOPLE. for the participation. 

Sad news! I'm back on the hunt for a new free polling program. Anything that can handle the numbers of responses and the number of choices is asking me for $30+ a month, which is entirely too much for the one or two times a month I actually run a poll. So our future polls may have some logistical differences (and will almost certainly have cosmetic ones). I might have to limit things to fewer choices or run them on Facebook or something. 

The Innkeeper Chronicles Series - I. Andrews 2052


Discovery of Witches Trilogy - D. Harkness 1501


Ghost Story - Peace Talks - J. Butcher 566


The Stormlight Archive - B. Sanderson 365


Broken Earth Trilogy - N.K. Jemisin 124


First Law - J. Abercrombie 25


Middlegame - S. McGuire 23


Circe - M. Miller 20


Riyira Revelations - M. J. Sullivan 13


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