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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Solar Revolutions RULE!

The first duty of a prisoner is to escape. 

-Technically true WWII philosophy that no one actually cares about except in WWII movies

Happy Womb Liberation Day to me. Viva la Resistance!!!

I will be doing nothing that resembles work today (other than this). The trade off of being self employed to the financial anxieties and fact that you don't have a boss who will warn you that you're on thin ice before you just start losing money, is that you you can tell your boss to suck it on your birthday. (And if you're double jointed...you know what, I'm not going to finish that joke.)

I will say one thing, however: as we approach the U.S. elections, I want to remind everyone that my more political writing (such as yesterday's post that I spent most of the weekend working on) does not end up here unless it has a transparent intersection with writing. So if you like my more political rants, and you're not already subscribed to NOT Writing About Writing, you might want to consider doing so, or at least checking in there periodically.

No FB page posts either. You'll just have to go an extra day without me this week. I'm going to eat  Zachary's Pizza and chocolate cake, gaze adoringly at a camera I can't afford for at least a few months, and try to convince myself that Covid-19 is the reason I'm not having a celebratory threesome yet again this year.