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Monday, October 5, 2020

Cannibalized for the Patrons

Hi folks,

Most of you know this, but once a month, I take a day off from blogging to write a newsletter to my Patrons

(Eight months a year it's the $3 Newsletter and 4 months a year it's the Inside Scoop, where I get a little more up close and personal, for my higher tier patrons.) 

These updates are closest thing I have to "exclusive content" and are just my tiny way of saying thank you to the folks who keep the lights on around here. And actually I'm already five days behind on September's newsletter, so I definitely need to duck out of today's post and go do some work behind the scenes. (I also need an admin day to catch up on emails and such so that's going to eat Tuesday, but those of you who've sent me email and PMs will finally get some answers.)

I'll officially hit the ground running on the regular stuff Wednesday with a LONG overdue compilation of FB gems. A mailbox on Friday. Oh and please send me more questions. I've only got about five right now and a couple of them are short answers. (They might combine to make a post, but they wouldn't be their own.) Depending on my other job and how it's going there might be something on Thursday and/or Saturday, but in the time of Covid, fires, and fascism, I'm unwilling to "commit."

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