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Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Best of July/August 2020

Just a quick reminder to my old timers and a point of order for anyone just tuning in that because of Covid-19, I'm being tapped about three times the hours I want or need as a nanny (since I'm the only one whose pod is just me). These are special kids and this is a special job, so I can't/won't/don't just say "smell you later" to my clients.

It cuts into the writing time pretty hard, though.

My current productivity means that I'm reliably only cranking out a couple of posts a week and twice a month, one of them is a compilation of things I've written on Facebook (also a temporary development during Covid). So for now, I'm only doing these "Best of" posts every two months instead of monthly. So this one is from July and August. 

Libraries vs. "Pay Authors" (....Wait. WHAT???)

There seems to be a misconception that you can do one or the other.

A Week Away From WAW

As the election approaches, I do more and more writing in other places, but for this particular week, I made it official. 

Writing about NOT Writing (Personal and Meta)

Sometimes it's the posts about how I'm really fucking things up that do the best.

Honorable Mention

Both of these posts are not what I would normally put as one of my "Greatest Hits" but both officially did better than the three above. One is an appeals post. (It's not going well. If you can help, that'd be great.) The other is one of those Facebook compilation posts that I think kicked particular ass because it's preview image was hilarious and it got a lot of reaction from folks who never even opened the link.

An Inescapable Fact (Personal, Meta)

Facebook Gems Top of June 2020

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