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Friday, March 12, 2021

Best Romance Book Rec (Results)

The results are IN!

Our book rec conversation about the romance genre came up with a massive list for your TBR lists. From Bronte and Austen to Carriger and Dare, these are the favorites of many. In a genre of bodice rippers and Harlequin clones, sometimes it's easy to forget that there are some really GOOD books whose main plot (instead of just one of its subplots) is a romantic relationship.

I'll get our Master List updated this weekend (but you can now go look and see what the results will look like there and check out our previous Book Rec convos). I realized that I'm going to have to make a few adjustments to what is there, so it'll take a bit more than a cut and a paste. Plus, don't forget to go back to the page of the original conversation to see what people said about the books they loved.

Best Romance (Book or Series) 

Parasol Protectorate series, G. Carriger 4

When a Scot Ties a Knot, T. Dare 4

Outlander, D. Gabaldon 3

These Old Shades, G Heyer, 3

Reluctant Royals series, A. Cole 3

Jane Eyre, C. Bronte 3

Love Only Once, J. Lindsey 2

The Dark Hunter series, S. Kenyon 2

Psy/Changeling series, N. Singh 2

Love in the Time of Cholera, G.G. Marquez

Cecile, F. Burney

Tairen Soul series, C.L. Wilson

Cut and Run series, A. Roux and Madeleine Urban

The Hating Game, S. Thorne

The Lion's Bride, C. Mason

Red, White, and Royal Blue, C. McQuinton

The House in the Cerulean Sea, T.J. Klune

Guild Hunter series, N. Singh

Sevenwaters series, J. Marillier

Pride and Prejudice, J. Austen

A Long Fatal Love Chase, L. M. Alcott

Wild, J Barnett

Sweet Valley series (attributed to F. Pascal, but written by a team of ghostwriters)

Spindle Cove,T. Dare

Castles Ever After, T. Dare

The Chesapeake Bay Series, N. Roberts

Undersung Hero

Beautiful Creatures, K. Garcia and M. Stohl

Rise of the Iliri, A. Hadley

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  1. When I was at a writing conference in Tucson many years ago, the writers that really blew me away were the romance writers. The people on the panels were serious artists.