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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Vaccine Side Effect Sick

The writer is sick. Or….well….he was. I think I'm better today.

Folks, that vaccine. Holy shit. I mean it beats having Covid (I know), but it knocked me out.

I've since read that this is pretty common when someone has had covid. It's often the first dose (not the second) that is really the doozy. Because it's actually the second EXPOSURE that is rough. 

Anyway, I'm seeing it's about a 80/20 split with people who've had covid and rough dose one experiences that dose two is either LESS of a deal than does one, or that it's "OMFG even worse!" Fingers crossed for the former. Otherwise, I'm going to lose a WHOLE week of writing come about April 16th.

Yesterday I thought I was better, but I think I was actually suffering from the Covid brain fog. I seem to remember my first day back to the writing after ACTUAL covid (a tiny bit less than exactly a year ago) I also had an amazingly difficult time. Getting brain fog when you have ADHD just feels like a bad ADHD day. But holy CRAP is it noticeable when it's gone. ("Oh right. I do know how to form coherent thoughts and triage plans of actions that go beyond, "Need chips. And clear splashy stuff.")

I'm a day behind. But really I'm THIS WEEK behind. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and try to get a meaty post up on Friday, and since I missed yesterday, I'll aim to post that post on Saturday instead of taking the day off. 

Or maybe I won't. I get to be sick sometimes and not have to work on the weekend to make up for it. We'll see how I'm feeling. 

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