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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Tuesday—Er….WEDNESDAY Report

Reminder: The reason this "Tuesday Report" is a day late (and I'll be one post off for the duration of the week) is that I am currently going through some non-trivial medical issues. I'm trying hard to work around it, get most of my posts still done and keep creating the content my readers expect. I don't want to take some sort of "medical leave" from blogging. However, so much of Writing About Writing happens in Real Time™ that the recent deluge of medical procedures and consult appointments has cut into my writing time.

Quick Personal Update-

I had my first iron infusion on Monday. I'm not sure if it was the infusion or just last week, but I came home and slept for like a two hour nap, then slept almost nine hours that night as well. But by Tuesday morning I was mostly feeling better. In fact, I felt great even though I'm assured I couldn't possibly have derived any benefit so quickly from iron.

It's been frustrating spending so much time on medical stuff. And I'm navigating that stress between being just focusing on recovery and being a crowdfunded writer who has to generate content if I'm going to actually PAY the bills that I'm racking up. Today (later) will be my covid booster. I'm really just a little tired of having so much energy going towards medical issues.

Weekly Schedule Adjustments-

Obviously there are going to be some changes to this week's schedule—there already have been. I'm going to do Tuesday's post today, Wednesday's tomorrow, and Thursday's on Friday. Next week is likely going to be at least as bad or worse, but after THAT I have a bit of a break. 

Novel Progress-

Old Crusty 1.0 Draft: 34, 398

(No progress this week. I'm barely hanging on to get blog posts written and up with all the doctors appointments. There are more next week too—although none this weekend, so maybe I can scrape out some progress.)

Behind the Scenes-

I'm still pulling off the pictures so that I can give the selfie tier some pics of my hikes this year. I need a special app for my phone to talk to the camera, and from there I can get it uploaded. I doubt there will be any extra time, but every extra moment will go into the October's newsletter (an Inside Scoop).

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