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Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's All About the Food

Here are a few prompts for this evening. I'm not exactly sure why the food ones are calling to me. I've had dinner already. Don't forget to HAVE FUN!!

1- Imagine two food items of a Thanksgiving dinner. How would you characterize them? (Perhaps a pie might be sweet, or a cranberry sauce might be tart but what would the difference be between green beans and turkey?) Now imagine these two food items are in the back of a car on its way to a Thanksgiving dinner. Are they excited about their duty or are they more like two convicts about to be executed? Maybe one is excited and the other is resigned. Or maybe one bravely faces destiny and the other is a coward. Write about their conversation with each other for 15 minutes.

2- "Love is like a rose." Such romantic imagery is a cliche. Try comparing love to a food item (not chocolate!) especially a food item that would be unconventional--the weirder the better. (Love is like cabbage!) Take a paragraph to develop this metaphor.

3- Open your fridge. Look around. Personify all your food items. What is their social structure. Are they democratic? Is one food item in charge? (And which one?) Is there a caste system based on the position of shelves or is it a more complicated oppressor/oppressed relationship based on dairy vs. meats? Are their factions? Who crosses sides--besides the tomato, of course. (That crisper drawer looks like it's a hotbed of political insurgency, doesn't it?) Pick a specific food item from a condiment to a lunch meat to one of the beverages. Write a three page vignette about this food item trying to get along in this world. Does it get swept up in the crisper's ideology? Does it try to stay in the back and not be noticed? Does it like the existing social structure or try to fight it? What does it want? How does it try to get it?

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