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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stale Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookie wisdom from the past.

They might be a little stale, some are clearly other advice that I've only reworded, and the worst part is that adding "in bed" doesn't always work. Plus many of them would require fortune cookies as big as your fist and/or writing you need a magnifying glass to see in order to actually fit in a cookie.

But here they are....

I October 2012
II December 2012
III January 2013
IV June 2013
V November 2013
VI March 2014
VII May 2014
VIII July 2014
IX March 2015
X August 2015
XI October 2015
XII March 2017
XIII June 2017
XIV October 2017
XV May 2018
XVI September 2018
XVII June 2019
XVIII July 2020

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