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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Chance to Vote for Best Stand Alone SciFi Novel

Please take a moment to give us your opinion on which of these write-in nominations is the best stand-alone Science Fiction novel.

Imagine the scene:

You are sitting with your child.  Perhaps you are eating or playing a game.  Whatever you are doing, their youthful exuberance is making the moment light and happy--like a late spring frolic through a gorgeous field of clover and daisies, when the pollen count is down and animals have stopped mating out in the open, and the bees won't swarm you and sting you right in your face.

In short, perfect serendipitous whimsy.

You look at your child, with their doe-like eyes, filled with innocence and that perfect trusting love, and a wash of deep affection crashes over you like a cliche wave at high tide.  It is as if you cannot pick a more perfect moment.

They turn to you, tilt their head at that tiny angle that reveals a perfect, angelic curiosity--like a questioning cherub.  Then they speak"

"How the fuck could you not vote for the best stand alone novel?" they ask.  "I mean do you just not care if Flowers For Algernon ends up being the best Science Fiction novel, or what?  What in the name of Jesus's Middle Eastern summer-sweaty scrotum is WRONG with you people.  How could you not care?  HOW COULD YOU NOT CARE?"

And there, on that perfect day, you watch that child-like innocence die before your very eyes.  And not a Disney death either where the innocence just falls off something tall and you never see the suggested end.  I'm talking like the last Pawnee in Dances With Wolves; the innocence lifts both arms and gives a war cry before being shot by like...fucking everybody.

That's your innocence.

Then your child becomes jaded and twisted, and from that day forth, their response to everything involving democracy, an opinion, even life itself is "Why bother.  There's no point."

But now is your chance to avoid this fate.  Now is your chance to have a child who actually respects you and feels empowered to affect the world around them.


The poll is down below the "About The Author" section on the left.  Everyone gets THREE (3) votes--although only voting once makes that vote "stronger."


  1. Replies
    1. It's been a couple of weeks, so I'm not totally sure, but since most books only got one write in nomination, and I had to pick SOMETHING, to narrow down the size of the poll, one of the things I did was take the nominations that wrote in on the web page (not on FB or G+). Maybe that's what happened.

  2. I know Dune is going to win this, but The Speed of Dark is the best. I'm so glad it even showed up. You don't see it very often.

    1. I kind of like the write-in aspect. You get a lot of titles you don't see on mainstream lists and polls. It shakes things up a bit. Plus I always come out of it with new things to read.