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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Return Triumphant (This is not really a con report.)

To a geek this is like spinning rims or a gold tooth.
So normally Tuesdays is for guest bloggers--both the real ones and the really real ones, but to be honest I missed you all this weekend, and I missed writing here, so I thought I'd pop in and let you know that the con went well.  

Actually, if you can believe it, the con went a little TOO well.  Every other convention has involved at least one game I don't get into.  That's a six hour time slot of relaxation and writing.  I usually write for a couple of hours, take a nap, maybe even take a bath, read, and just chillax.  I had hoped to finish my DDC write-up and do a little bit of some other writing, but I just kept getting into games.  Again and again.  Even when I started to grow weary and kind of hope that I would get a break, I would show up on the roll sheet for my first choice.

The shuffler is a capricious and cruel mistress who usually denies me the one LARP I really, REALLY want to get into, but this year her harshly-taught lesson was: "Be careful what you wish for, mortal."

Supportive Girlfriend bought me a lifetime membership, so I have to go to Kublacon for at least nine more years to get my money's worth.  Plus since I'm an unrepentant manwhore, in order to Supportive Girlfriend, I'm going to have to act totally kept for a while.  So be sure you INCLUDE her in the groupie threesomes you might be planning for me.  Here's hoping the con doesn't take a sharp downturn in quality.  (Though I must say, I hope contracts are up soon and/or the decision to be in that PARTICULAR hotel is rethought.  As lovely as the site is, we are way too big a con for that venue, both in terms of hotel rooms and gaming space.)  Given that I've been coming for seven years now--Kubla was my very first gaming convention and where I got hooked on the dynamics of one-shot LARPs--I somehow doubt that I'll be disappointed in this purchase.

Anyway, tomorrow will be the last of the DDC write ups (even if it kills me) and I have lots of good stuff coming including a write up of THIS con, and the most amazing moment I have had as an artist/entertainer within the public sphere.   (There's an entry coming, but it involved T-shirts, an hour long blushing session, almost brought me to tears....and that's all you get for now except to say that it isn't nearly as dirty as my regular readers are probably assuming.)  Plus I have lots of good articles partially written on craft and process that have just sort of been log-jamming in my brain since my teaching stuff kicked into the high gear of finals.

Summer is here, though!  All that stuff has an out now!  I plan to take advantage of the free time before summer school kicks off, and get some really good articles into the cyberverse.

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